Toe Touch Exercise

Toe touch Exercise Helps Your Performance On The Bike

Toe Touch Exercise The Toe touch exercise is more important than we think. Having hip mobility helps you with your posture on and off the bike The toe touch progression is a simple exercise to improve your ability for deep squatting and hip hinging. The toe touch progression is a fundamental component of the exercises […]

Low Back Pain - Kinetic Loop Training System

How to Treat Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain is all in Your Piriformis One of the best kept secrets on treating low back pain is understanding the Your movement and behavior pattern which cause the problem. Most doctors will treat the symptoms but not the root of the problem. We need to Understand the movement pattern that is creating the […]

Saddle Position

One of the most famous debates in cycling and triathlon is the position of the saddle nose angle. The new UCI rule 1.3.014 simply states the saddle support shall be horizontal. Now with that being said we will examine all three saddle nose angles in a negative, positive, and neutral position. If your saddle is […]

Achieving Optimal Power through your Bike fit

Achieving Optimal Power through your Bike fit

Bike Fitting the Most Debated Topic Bike Fitting in cycling seems to be one of the most debated subjects surrounding our sport for the past several years. While some seem to believe the bike fit should just be about the bike. The truth is it’s not! It’s important to look at the bike and the […]

Optimal Cleat Placement

Achieving Optimal Power Through Your Cleat Placement Cleat placement is one of the most important parts of bike fitting. If the cleat is not properly aligned then the rest of the bike fit will be incorrect. Every watt of power you produce is transferred to the bike through your feet and on to the pedals. […]

DI Intervals - Every Second Count - Kinetic Loop Training System

Best Way To Improve Your Criterium Performance

Best Way To Improve Your Criterium Performance A criterium (Crit) race is a based on time and intensity. Depending on your category whether you are a Cat 4 with a 30 min crit or a Pro 1,2 with a 90 minute crit you will need to create an adaptation. In order to do well as […]

Achieving Optimal Power Through Crank Length

Achieving Optimal Power Through Crank Length When looking at crank arm length you would  think this would be an easy topic to discuss. However, for years the crank arm length has been the great debate.  Some athletes believe in longer cranks while other believe in shorter crank.  In the past athletes embraced the idea that […]

Climbing Drills - Kinetic Loop Training System

Climbing Intervals

How to Improve Your Climbing on the Bike When it comes to training everyone responds differently to the training stimulus. If you want to improve your sprinting then you need to practice your sprints. If you want to improve your climbing then you need practice climbing. There are so many drills you can do to […]

What is a Field Test?

KLTS Cycling Field Test In order to evaluate your fitness periodically, KLTS has devised a simple benchmark workout that gives valuable feedback to your KLTS coach and helps him/her determine your progress. Results of this workout will also help your coach periodically evaluate your progress and define your next few weeks of training. This workout […]

Shimming & Wedging is a Crime

Shim or Not to Shim

To Shim or Not to Shim As a coach and professional bike fitter I always here this question “should I shim/wedge”? The answer to that question depends on what are you trying to accomplish.  I would have to say 90% of the time shimming/wedging is like putting a band-aid on the problem.  Putting a shim/wedge […]